Spain land — all about

«I need Spain» is a motto of the National office on tourism of Spain. With this assertion an egoist will disagree unless.
On the Canary islands in Spain the most beautiful beaches. Most delicious in the world ham
and sangria (wine), also by birth from Spain. Wonderful girls which dance flamenco, make happy
tourists by the trade. Only in Spain it is possible to see a famous for the whole world corrida.
To it it is needed to add nightly life of island of Ibiza. The mountain-skier resorts of
Spain on the level of service do not yield to Austrian Alps. All of it talks about there, that any tourist will find on your
own interesting employment on Spanish earth. The capital of Spain is Madrid. Large and popular cities:
Barcelona, Granada, Cordova, Bilbao et al. Currency of Spain is an EURO. Complete list of biggest-selling places for rest
and deserving to the visit regions of country, look on the page of city and resorts of Spain.

Visa of Spain land.

Spain is already a long ago included in the number of countries of Schengen Area. And, the sequence of executions for the
receipt of visa is there exhaust to automatism. More detailed about necessary documents it is possible to know on a page
visa to Spain.

A custom is in Spain.

The import of foreign currency is unreserved (declaration is needed, if a sum exceeds 10 000 EURO). The outbound of the foreign
currency brought in a country is settled — in a volume, not exceeding declared on an entrance. A duty-free import is settled
200 cigarettes, 2 liters of wine, 1 liters of hard alcoholic liquors. The import of drugs, some medicines, weapon, live ammunitions
and explosives is forbidden. The outbound of historical values, antiquary, valuables, weapon and live ammunitions without
the special permission is forbidden.

Useful numbers of telephones are in Spain.

Medicare: 061, police: 091, service of rescue: 122, general certificate: 095, fire service: 080. Public-call codes of cities:
Alicante — 96, Barcelona — 93, Valencia — 96, Granada — 958, Gerona — 972, Cadis — 956, Cordova — 957, Las-Palmas — 928,
Madrid — 91, Malaga — 95. In detail about communications in Spain it is possible to read in the proper section.

A transport is in Spain.

Spain is a large country, therefore internal airlines are developed in it. Airports are practically in all large cities:
Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Granada, Valencia, Alicante, Seville,
Cordova, to Bilbao, Saragossa. The most budgetary trips are offered by the airline of Vueling, which is considered a main
low-cost ferryman at the spain market. More detailed about airports and airlines it is possible to read in the proper section.A
state company RENFE is responsible for all railway transportations in a country. Trains in a country are a few kinds, comfort
and rapid — AVE, they walk mainly between Madrid and Barcelona or Madrid and Seville. «Talgo» is fast trains, «Espresso»
— passenger, «Tran via» or «Auto motor» are trains of internal value. The ramified network of bus routes engulfs practically
all cities and resort centers of country. A fare depends on a season, day of week, daypart and distance of journey. As a
rule, it does not exceed 30 EURO. A public city transport in Spain is a subway, busses, taxi, local and electric railways.
A transport walks to on-schedule. Fare in a subway and on a bus — identical. Electric railways are deserving competitors
of busses at moves on distances of midrange. They in two with superfluous time cheaper and quick. Time-tables and routes
of all busses can be taken on hotel reception. All about a transport in Spain it is possible to find a «transport» in a section.

Lease of car is in Spain.

To take a car on a rental basis, it is needed to show passport and international driving
certification. Some companies require, that a driver was not younger 21 or 23 years. A driving certification must be given
out no less one or two years back. The cost of lease hesitates within the limits of 30-80 EURO in days. Often companies require
a deposit (at times equal to the cost of all lease) or credit card. In Spain necessarily to fasten the straps of safety.
For a failure to observe of this rule there is an ever-higher fine. All roads in a country in the very good state and in
most free of charge. It is necessary to pay only for using motorways (autopistas, designated the sign of «A» on a blue background).

Safety of tourists is in Spain.

During walks and excursions on Spain cities it is needed to have with itself a copy of passport. A passport, money and airline
ticket, needs to be kept in a hotel safe. It follows tourists to be attentive in shops and to watch after the bags and purses
— steal here often and very professionally

A climate is in a country.

Spain is divided by three climatic areas. The north of country is subject to influence of the
Atlantic Ocean: there green moist winter and a warm summer is moderate. South-east coast it, Mediterranean climate with a
very green short winter and dry hot summer. There are little fallouts, they fall out mainly in autumn and the winter. In
summer in seashore Spain usually in a district +25..+32 °C, a bathing season lasts from June for October. In central part
of country a climate is sharply-continental, with a noticeable difference (at times to 15 °C) between a temperature in the
day and night. A summer is hot and dry, the winter dry and cold. As for the Canary archipelago, a climate is warm there,
soft and very stable. Average annual temperature +20 °C without a strong heat even in a height a summer, water is warm the
whole year round.

Hotels of Spain.

Hotels in Spain mainly city type, does not have own beaches. Hotels are in small cities with by a great number shops, bars,
restaurants and discos. Using pools, and also by deck-chairs on territory of hotels free of charge. Not all hotels are offered
by the animation programs. Many child’s mini-clubs work only in a summer season, and the covered pools of hotels do not work
from June for September. The opened pools usually work from 8:00-9:00 to 19:00-20:00. Under the excursion program usually
give the hotels of 2-3* in a center a city, with a feed only breakfast. On mountain-skier resorts, hotels high level, mainly
by a feed on breakfast and supper («Swedish table»). On beach resorts am and hotels workings on the system «all included».

Bank branches and exchange points are in Spain.

A money can be changed in exchange points, hotels and tourist bureaus, but the best course is offered by bank branches, workings
without a commission. Bank branches work from 9:00 to 14:00, on Saturday — from 9:00 to 12:00, a resurrection is a weekend.
Taking off a money from a credit card is possible at any time days in ATMS, located practically at all bank separations.
In most hotels and restaurants, and also in many shopping centers accept credit cards and travelling cotter pins of the leading
world pay systems.

Shopping and shops in Spain.

From Spain usually bring cheeses, wine, ham of «hamon» and souvenirs with symbolism of country. Other popular hand-made articles
are wooden rims for hairs and other carving, and also wares from clay — from whistles to services. Spanish good hands braid
beautiful laces, and also do embroidery on silk. More detailed read on the page of shopping in Spain. Spain — one of world centers of shopping:
there is a great number of shops of the known brands in a country. A siesta in Spain lasts from 13:00 to 16:00: at this time
on dinner most banks, shops and public institutions, are closed. Work of shops hours — from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 16:00
to 20:00 (large department stores often work at a stretch). On Saturdays shops are usually opened to 13:00, a resurrection
is a weekend.

Kitchen and restaurants in Spain.

Known span dish — paella (paella with sea foods), it is also needed to make attempt «hamon» — the dried pork. Dishes are
very widespread from fish and sea foods. From an alcohol Catalan white wines of «Penedes» and «Ampurdan» are popular in Spain,
sherry from a city Kheres-de-la-frontera on the south-west of Andalucia is considered pride of country. On Canary island
from a vine do excellent semisweet wine «Malvaziya». Other «alcoholic character» of Spain is sangria. It is drunk adding
ice and cut fruit. Traditional soups are not too widespread, but gaspachcho it is possible to find almost everywhere.

Entertainments, excursions and sights of Spain.

Part of Spain is located on a mainland offers many excursion programs. To the guests, to arriving to subjugate the tops of
Sera-Nevada is a line road on one-day excursions to Granada, Cordova or Seville. Well and holiday-makers in the north of
country, except for Barcelona, can go in Santyago-de-kompostelu. It one of the most meaningful cities and very beautiful
place. In addition, Spain is famous other interested placed. For example, monastery of Sainted Pilar (Saragossa), monastery
band of Torresyudad (Ueska), Montserrat (Barcelona) and Lourdes (France). Annually these known worldwide monasteries are
visited by from 10 to 12 million tourists. We will mention and about the wonderful museums of Spain, where to find itself
a display to liking the choosiest tourist will be able even.

Rest is in Spain.

Rest in Spain will please and that, who prefers to be weakened on a beach, and that, who arrived to see historical beauties
of country. But Spain is glad all tourists to offer a delicious meal, friendly locals and beautiful nature. Due to the location
to Spain many summer and winter rest lovers arrive very much. Exactly due to him here practically everybody can find itself
a route like. Someone will leave to rest on the beaches of the Canary archipelago. Other — perfected in snowboarding on the
slopes of Serra-Nevada. Other tourists subjugate excursion riches of Spain, leaving in a round on the cities of country.
Spain can not be disliked: this noisy, colorful, very bright country. Spain abandons the track in the soul at each. For someone
— from a swimming suit, after two weeks of wonderful rest on Canary. For someone — from a ski
mask, not taken off by hours during the steep lowering on Aragon Pyrenees. And for the happiest man track remains in the
soul, from the sincere smiles of locals, bright sun and simply enormous amount of positive emotions and impressions.